Foot Fitness 1 Workshop

If you are interested in attending a Foot Fitness Workshop, please register here and I will get back to you shortly with more information. Thank you.

This special Foot Fitness workshop uses Yamuna Foot Wakers with specific routines to restore healthy foot function. You will create balance in your feet, enhance flexibility and strength, and restore proper gait. This workshop will empower you to begin to heal foot/ankle/knee problems, plantar fascistic, Morton’s neuromas, arthritic toes, fallen arches, and bunions just to name a few. This workshop is limited to 5 participants, so your specific issues can be addressed and so you can receive personalized instruction.


Focus: Foot Fitness Foundations

When: To Be Announced
Venue: 128 W 14th Street, Suite B-7 (RiverFront Building)
Cost: $45 (Cash or Check payable to Katie Marechal LLC)
Must bring or purchase your own set of Foot Wakers ($55)


* Pre-Registration Required
* Bring or purchase personal set of Foot Wakers
(I always have Yamuna Foot Wakers in stock and sell them for $55/pair)

Register Here


Smiley Building, 1309 E 3rd Ave. Rm #24 (2nd Floor)


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